Happy New Year!

Okay, time to dispense with the fun stuff...Tootsie Roll and I are ready to get philosophical!  Philosophical?  Really!  What are a Pug Super Model and a Hu"MOM" who is CRAZY about Dog Fashion...and even CRAZIER about her PUG venturing into?  Yep, you guessed it...the UNKNOWN.  We know very little about philosophy; but that does not mean we are not interested in educating ourselves, broadening our perspectives, opening our minds to new possibilities, etc...etc....etc....Why down the philosophy path?  Glad you asked!  There are a few reasons we will impart with our Pug Blog Fans!
1.  2015 is the last year for the hu"MOM" to spend in her 40's....the end of 2015 will see her turn...dare we go there???  Okay...FIFTY!  SH_T!  Now that the news is out we will go back to first person....So, we were thinking that this would be a good year to get our minds into check and survey some thoughts...AKA...philosophies out there that maybe have not crossed our paths the last 40 some years!

2.  2015 will see Tootsie Roll turn 7, she too will be 49 in July....not in her...we are saying this in a whisper, "fifties" until 2016...but the timing is close...and again, now back to first person.  And trust us, we would prefer it were further away; but time does have a way of passing.  And by the way, there are several schools of philosophy on the passing of time!  Anyway, we thought we would try and find some parallel - Yin and Yang Image result for yin and yang philosophical quotes...like, "It's the little things" VS "Don't sweat the small stuff".  Hmmmm!!

3.  And finally, we have to have a plan!  Seriously, do you think Tootsie Roll and I just randomly hop on the "puter" and type in some words just so we can post a Pug Blog?!  You obviously don't know us that well!  So that plan is for us to "edumacate" ourselves on philosophy - political, social, moral, religious, professional, etc...share our morsels of knowledge in our owns words; combining them with some Yin and Yang quotes and some animals pics to help illustrate...and VOILA!  We all come out better individuals in the end! Oh, by the way, the fact that we have a plan, or think we have a plan...or for that matter even think we really exist, or are controlling what is happening in the here and now are all philosophies from different time periods, different individuals, different realms....Wow, this is going to get deep, hope you got some new boots for Christmas!

Oops!  Gotta Go!  Tootsie Roll is ready to nap or eat or.....Anyway, she is ready for a brain break!  Until next time, here is the link we have been reading to "edumacate" ourselves!  http://www.philosophybasics.com/


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