The Twelve Days of Christmas! How can it be?!

As the TootsUncommon hu"MOM" has recently returned from Walt Disney World, she is keenly aware of how creatively and constantly Disney is marketing itself.  And, although the family was there to celebrate Halloween...Christmas Holiday preparations were going on at the Magic Kingdom!  Yep, it sneaks up on us earlier and earlier every year!  

ETSY has also been preparing its shop owners for the upcoming holiday gift buying and giving season and so TootsUncommon will be dedicating the upcoming PUG BLOGS to yes, you guessed it, The Twelve Days of Christmas.  

Now, although the song refers to December 25 and the eleven days that follow; we all know that the Twelve Days tune is probably being played in a mall or on a commercial as you are reading this PUG BLOG...So, "Carpe Diem"  we say!  

Before we connect The Twelve Days of Christmas to TootsUncommon, allow us to get you into the Holiday Spirit:




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