"What do puppies, $80, ruffs, and a fall festival have in common?"

and the answer is...!!!  NETWORKING!  We network to find a job, to keep a job, to meet new people, to...well for lots of reasons.  A network is like a spider web...we could use a lot of different analogies...but it is getting close to Halloween so the spider web will do just fine, right?!...connecting one part of the web to another so that it is whole and can be navigated by the spider....

Someone starting a small business a few years back would have assume that networking would take "face"time....Sure, a few years back; but now-a-days networking and social media are practically synonymous....Tootsie Roll and I found several interesting links using the search works of "business networking statistics 2014" on Google....We also found that the use of the "infographic" in these links is huge!  That would account for why standardized tests are turning to graphic readings for their content...interesting!  Here are a few links we would recommend checking out:
http://businessnetworking.com/category/statistics-data/ - interesting videos
     very recent stats
http://www.marketingtechblog.com/2014-statistics-trends-businesses-social-media/ -  a good look at trends

TootsUncommon may not have a fancy infographic for its pug blog fans...but we can tell you that our "face" time and "print" presence the past couple of weeks paid off nicely for us!  At the Burlington Fall Festival we connected with a mastiff breeder who will be using the ruff from the Firecracker to connect new mastiff parents with their pups!  What an amazing idea!  One that Tootsie and I are sharing with other breeders we have connections with.  Fingers crossed that they will like the idea as well!  

Last weekend we were in Bremen, Indiana for the Farm and Cottage Market.  This was TootsUncommon's second trip to this event and the time was well spent.  Being from Bremen, my dad suggested that we write a story for the Bremen Enquirer to alert folks to our return visit.  My dad just happens to have connections at the paper so our article was published!  Thanks to the article, which feature pics of Bremen Lion TootsUncommon dog attire, Calvin showed up to purchase a one-of-a-kind Not Your Mummy's Vintage Clothing Line Tut the Turtle made from a repurposed Bremen Lion Football T-shirt!  According to Calvin's hu"MOM", "Yes I read that you were going to be at the market in the Enquirer. It was the only reason I went."  

Thanks, Calvin!  TootsUncommon truly appreciates your support!!  FYI...you look fabulous!  

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