Homemade Oreos!

TootsUncommon spent the week...thinkin' about the week....about time and how we too often wish away the work week and live for the weekend...No doubt about it, we had an amazing weekend....here are some highlights:

And that was just Saturday!  Lot's of outside time today raking leaves and walkin' dogs!  But you know what?  Monday-Friday we cook, eat, walk and enjoy nature....so why can't we embrace those times during the week and not just long for the weekend to continue doing those things?  Sure, we have to work a few hours in-between and maybe get up a little earlier than we would like...but....well, so what?!  Wednesday's "Love Poem"  really spoke to me and Tootsie Roll about "Carpe Diem".  Here is a line from the poem, "You are salt, no salt, too much salt, a hangover."  Too us that is basically saying  that we have the power of choice...  Do we want to wake up Monday morning smiling, hitting the snooze, calling in sick, etc....we choose smiling....it is much easier and healthier!  

Tootsie Roll and I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and that you are looking forward to Monday!  I know we are...and the Pug Blog will be doing a repeat of Deepak Chopra's, "Seven Spiritual Laws".  We hope you check back in!

"Oh Glorious Kitchen Aid, what are you mxin' up for my Monday?"

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