This week's PUG blast from the past!

TootsUncommon will be making its second appearance at the Burlington, IN Fall Festival this weekend.  As September rolled in it seemed that the first weekend was jammed packed with fall festivals.  It got me and Tootsie Roll thinking about why...why so many fall festivals, especially in the month of September?  

Could it be because the weather is turning and people are excited to get out and enjoy the changes?

Could it be the wonderful colors associated with fall?

Hmm...and did you know that Thanksgiving is a fall festival turned national holiday?  We did not...read more at: http://voices.yahoo.com/thanksgiving-history-fall-festival-turned-national-93349.html

In our research we read a lot about the fall harvest and that the festivals celebrate the bounty of those harvests.  Tootsie Roll and I are fashionistas, not farmers, but it seems to us that the more bountiful harvests are earlier in the planting/summer season.  Of course we know that fall is a good time for pumpkins, peppers, pansies....but not a lot of berries, tomatoes, melon or corn...Oh well!  Let the Festivus for the Restofus begin!  

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