Geeze, Monkey!

Okay, so you are cute and lovable, that does not mean you can "Pee" on Lucille and Tootsie Roll's bed!.  Yeah, that is what Monkey did when we first introduced her into the TootsUncommon household several months back!  We did our research and found Feliway!  We purchased it on our Amazon.com Prime account, followed the directions, and noticed results right away!  Months later Monkey does not get turned-off by "smelly" dog beds and pee on them!

What did we learn?  Well, it seemed that as a young bangle kitty, Monkey was turned-off by "smelly" dog beds!  Hmmm!  I sweep, toss into the laundry, or wash the dog beds weekly so the TootsUcommon dogs beds are not "smelly" to the human nose; but to the bangle kitty nose they were because she would sniff them, paw at them, go round - a- bout in them, and then squat and pee!  "No, stop, don't do that!"

Knowing kitty behavior, we humans knew that peeing  had to be stopped, like yesterday!  The hu"MAN" got online at Amazon.com and found Feliway.  We made a diffuser purchase using our Amazon Prime account and also added in the spray and the wipes!  One purchase and the problem was resolved.

We put the diffusers in close proximity to the dog beds and sprayed down the dog beds once a week.  We have not had to use the Feliway since we ran out of diffuser replacement cartridges and are confident that the problem is solved.

Click on our Amazon.com link, make a purchase and TootsUncommon will receive "Associate" points.

 Thanks!  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000WHUOEI

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