1941 and The Black Cat

Another Saturday and it's time for Svengoolie!  We love spooky movies and just can't wait!  Now how we wish from some Dracula on Svengoolie in such an awful way!

Last week on Svengoolie it was the 1941 movie, The Black Cat...a film loosely based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe. The comedy/horror film was directed by Albert S. Rogell, starring Basil Rathbone and featuring supporting performances by Bela Lugosi and Alan Ladd in small roles. Lugosi also stars in a 1934 film with the same title.  It was a great movie to watch and it got me and Tootsie Roll thinkin' of a 2014 remake and who, from the TootsUncommon household, would play some of the different roles....So, here you go!

The character of Mr. Penny will be played by Tootsie Roll.  Mr. Penny's role in The Black Cat is that of an antique dealer who is brought in to appraise items in the soon to be estate of old lady Winslow.  His main role is that of comedic relief which any pug lover knows is the perfect role for a fun- lovin', clowin'- around pug!
Hugh Herbert in Dames trailer.jpg

The role of the black cat in the 2014 remake will star Monkey Kitty!  Not because Monkey, or the black cat in the film, symbolize death and doom...quite the contrary.  The black cat in the 1941 film continuously forshadows who is evil or when evil is going to happen...the black cat is not evil incarnate....And sometimes Monkey Kitty comes off that same way - evil incarnate....but all she really wants to do is cuddle and cozy up!  Monkey Kitty and Black Cat - contradictions in terms when it comes to the original and the remake of The Black Cat!

Lucille the Yellow Lab, although not an old lady at all....will play the role of Henrietta Winslow.  Relatives come out of the woodwork in hopes that Henrietta will drop dead and that he or she will be the luck one to inherit her fortune....The problem is, she just does not die; well until someone kills her anyway!  So in a way I interpret this as hording, holding on to the bitter end to all you have....And, although Lucille is loving and playful...she does not like to share attention or toys so she is simply perfect for the role of Old Lady Winslow!

The hu"MOM"...me...well, I get the role of Eduardo played by Bela Lugosi....of course!  We all know that just looking at Bela can give anyone the creeps...but in The Black Cat all he wants to do is take care of Old Lady Winslow's cats....and she has a herd of them!  As most of you know I am a high school Spanish teacher by day and dog fashionist by night....As a teacher I am used to being viewed as the "creep" although all I really want to do is teach kids some Spanish....what a life!

Two roles left that the TootsUncommon household can fill....Claire Dodd plays  the role of Margaret Gordon - Henrietta's niece... she is kind and sweet and would prefer that Henrietta hang around instead of her inheriting any portion of Old Lady Winslow's wealth.  This role is perfect for Pawncha Kitty as she is just as sweet as any kitty can be-what you see is what you get!  

That leaves the TootsUncommon hu"MAN".  We know him as a stand up individual who works hard and does what is right and although he is not allergic to kitties like Hubert Smith, played by Broderick Crawford in The Black Cat, these two character seem to have a lot in common! He's the guy in the bow tie....

If you are in the mood for something spooking tonight check out Svengoolie!

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