To error is human, canine, feline, etc...  We all have the right to be forgiven!  

If we follow through with all of the Dog's Bill of Rights, there will not be an overwhelming amount of times that we have to forgive our pets...  Yes, we all make mistakes and those mistakes should be forgiven; but if our pets are trained, socialized and living a good life then forgiveness will come when mistakes are made...not when they are misbehaving because we, the humans, have not shared with our pets what it means to be domesticated. 

 Tootsie Roll and I hope you have a great week!  It is back to school for the hu"mom" this week so Pug Blog posts may be slim-pickins'.  Do know that everyone at the TootsUncommon house will be following the Dog and Human Bill of Rights...AKA, "The Golden Rule"!  

"I've Got My Eye On You!!"

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