Fringe Benefits!

While at Wasatch Lake Ms. Tootsie Roll got a little attitude a few times. Instead of listening to the hu"MOM" when I told her to stay or come she would wonder off towards the swimming beach, not cool!  Now keep in mind, Wasatch Lake is a small place and as she wandered off she was completely in my sights, was no where near a road, and she had her life jacket on - she wasn't in any real danger.  But that does not mean a situation won't come up when I really do need her to listen and she makes the decision not to....not cool!  

Well, that got me thinking about a conversation a fellow teacher and I were having about where she had taken her new puppy to be trained and how impressed she was - First Friends in Fishers, Indiana.  Now, Tootsie Roll did basic puppy training, but that was a few years back; she will be 6 on July 11.  

So, what is Tootsie Roll getting for her birthday?  Glad you asked, novice training courses at First Friends!  We have been in for our consultation and I go tonight for the human 2.5 hour course.  After that, Tootsie and I have a standing date on Tuesdays for 7 weeks!  

What are the benefits to training your dog?  Well, type that in as a Google search and you will find a ton of good information.  Why are Tootsie Roll and I going to embark on this adventure?  Lots of reasons...  It seems like the perfect time to take our relationship to another level, to establish a deeper bond and to re-establish myself as the Alpha.  Her safety is another reason.  I will assume that the next time I need her to stay or come it will be for an important reason and I want both of us to know how to respond appropriately. One final reason before I head out to my human training class...for the benefit of others, and/or to show off a little bit.  Tootsie Roll is a smart dog and I want to showcase just how amazing this little petite pug is!

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