We are close to wrapping up our look at a Dog's Bill of Rights.  Here are a couple that will bring a tear to most of our eyes....

I have the right to die with dignity and I have the right to be remembered well.

Interestingly enough, humans do not always get the right to die with dignity; but it is a right that humans can have with their pets.  Pets that are not truly loved and respected by their families may not always get these rights.  And this may be true for pets who are loved a little too much by their humans.... 

 The lucky ones - human and animal - die easily, maybe while sleeping.  Other times lives may be taken by an accident; suddenly.  When illness sets in humans can decide when the right time to die is for their pet - this is a huge responsibility and one our animals trust us with naturally.  

The TootsUncommon household has seen most of its pets live long, healthy lives.  Only two of our kitties passed at earlier ages...we have been very fortunate!  

As for being remembered...our pets - past and present - are remembered in many ways.  If you look back at some of our Memorial day blogs you will see some of our past pets mentioned.  My Dulcinea, a dog I had for 18 years, is immortalized with a chalk portrait that hangs in our dining room.  The hu"man" of the household keeps reminders in his phone of when our pets passed so we can think of them on that day.  Pictures of pets past and present are a part of the slide show that is displayed on the TV when there is nothing good to watch - which is quite often!  Daily, we remember to play, walk, pet and enjoy our pets!  Just as our human family shapes who we are; our animal family plays a big role in that respect as well.  

When my time comes I hope the Dog Bill of Rights looks favorably upon me:)

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