Bill of Rights

Why a Bill of Rights?  And why would TootsUncommon be blogging about a Bill of Rights?  Patience, Patience....we will answer these questions and more all in good time!  

A Bill of Rights limits the power of a given central/federal government.  When the Constitution of the U.S. was first drafted, it did not contain a Bill of Rights.  After deliberation 10 amendments were added to the constitution, and these 10 amendments have become known as the Bill of Rights.  

Most of us believe the following rights to be fundamental to our human needs:  speech, press, religion, petition, and assembly.  Notice I used the word "human"....  Right, now we connect Bill of Rights to TootsUncommon.  "The noun human refers to a person. As an adjective, human means showing the distinctive characteristics (good or bad) of people, as distinguished from animals.  The adjective humane means characterized by kindness, compassion, or sympathy."  (http://grammar.about.com/od/alightersideofwriting/a/Human-And-Humane-Glossary.htm)

The news will tell us that big government is taking away some of our rights...Tootsie Roll and I are not super political and we lead pretty simple lifestyles so we are not going to go there.  But we do question whether the way humans lead their lives leads to the humane treatment of one another; which leads us to question our Bill of Rights and if it allows for the humane treatment of its citizens....does it allow us to treat one another humanely, be one human or animal?  

Where is all of this going?  It is going somewhere, trust us!  As you know, Tootsie Roll and I have been going back to training and it has been fantastic, just what we needed.  After this Tuesday's class trainer Bruce gave us a piece of paper titled, "A Dog's Bill of Rights" and it obviously got us thinking!  What do the U.S. Bill of Rights and its amendments say?  How do they equate to Bruce's Dog Bill of Rights?  And what do both really mean?  Well, we will try to go there throughout the next set of Pug Blog Posts!  

FYI...the following links will give you some "Google" insight into A Dog's Bill of Rights... How do you think they compare?:

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