Tuesday with Tootsie Roll

Am I Cool or What?!

Whatever! You wouldn't feel so cool if you were ridin' in a crate!

Hmm...What does Dr. Arnold have hiding over here?

Alright, vet visit over....let's head home so I can nap!

Pawncha Kitty had a brown spot on her eye so we made a trip to the vet today...Tootsie came along for moral support!  Turns out to be an iris cyst, which Dr. Arnold equated to a lava lamp....it kind of floats around like the lava in the lamp so it is not always visible...That would explain why we saw this brown spot about a month ago and it disappeared.  He also explained it like a birth mark...Pawncha has most likely always had it; it is just now floating its way to where we can see it!  Interesting.  Now get this, our trip to the vet was free!  Since Dr. Arnold had some new techs in the office, and supposedly this iris cyst is something a vet may only see once every five years....he used it as a teachable moment!  Pet Pals Holistic Veterinary Hospital is THE BEST!  Check them out if you are in the Indianapolis area!

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