"Tick" Tock!

You better watch out!  Must be the season of the TICK!  Tootsie Roll had them.  Lucille did too!  Not so much on the kitties since they do not go outside!  Horror stories from people who had to pull over on the side of the rode to change a flat tire...Yes!  Ticks are everywhere, despite the harsh winter in many parts of the country! 

TootsUncommon's advice...no, it is not stay in the house!  But, check with your vet if you are not sure if your flea med also protects against ticks!  Ours does not...so,while on vacation I got a spray that we put on the dogs every time we went outside....to no avail....they still got ticks!  So, I went to the topical to be safe.  Plus, I am completely grossed out by bugs.  

If you do find a tick or two on your cat or dog...yikes! or youself...get the tweezers, some alcohol and peroxide and pull those blood suckers out!  You can use the alcohol to kill the ticks you pull out-or torch them in the fire pit like we did- and the peroxide to put on the spot where it was pulled from to disinfect the area.  Keep an eye on those spots for a few days.  If there is a lump left it should work itself out, kind of like a splinter might!  

Here are some recent news stories about the Attack of the Tick 2014, and another bit of advice...don't look at Google images of ticks, it is simply too upsetting:






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