Sherlock "Bones"

For many reasons our pets inspire us!  Just while on our Little Indiana Vacation they inspired me to do a little drawing...

I am no Miro, Kahlo, or Picasso....But I do know my pets and I think I captured their "essences" well in my little sketch!  In my next endeavor I will attempt to capture their faces...a bit of a challenge I know!  But I am up for it!  

Today they inspired me to go back and explore the children's book idea.  I have a title and ideas, but today I actually started to write some things down in my moleskin storyboard book while Tootsie Roll napped beside me and the kitties watched the birdies from their window seat...Lucille was at work with the hu"man"!  

Title:  "The Case of the Missing Vowels"
Genre:  Children's Mystery
Characters:  Sherlock Holmes hat on Lucille the Yellow Lab and a Sherlock Holmes Coat on Tootsie Roll
Setting:  A School Playground or Public Park
Sleuth's Award: Kibble in the Bag...not Vowels!
Conflict w/ Authority:  Teacher at Playground...NO DOGS ALLOWED!
Ticking Clock:  They don't Want to be Just DOGS!
Walking Through the Crime:  "Well, you aren't just a cat, you are a Tabby Cat. I know I am a little dog, but what kind of little dog am I?  You are a big dog, but what kind of big dog are you?"  Etc...

After creating a little in my moleskin storyboard book I got distracted.  Did Sherlock Holmes carry a bag?  Yep, a Gladstone bag:  
Good to know cause Tootsie Roll and Lucille will be carrying a "kibble" bag with consonants and vowels inside instead of kibble...drats!

Okay, what other dogs, real or cartoon, dressed up like Sherlock Holmes?  Lots!  So do we have something here or do we rethink our strategy?  I think it's time for a walk!  

Sherlock: Undercover Dog (1994) Poster

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