National Lampug's Little Indiana Vacation Part

Story Inn, Story, Indiana:  http://www.storyinn.com/animals-of-story-inn 

"Clyde, Front Door Feline Greeter.
I am a big, wise orange cat who's been around the block. I came to Story from the Brown County Humane Society down the road.  I learned a thing or two during my period of incarceration. 
My long-time human owner died a few months ago, which landed me in the joint.  It's tough living behind bars, especially since, given my advanced age, no one wanted to adopt me.  That all changed when Story's owner's son, Little Rich, took me home one day.  (It's hard to compete with cute young kitties.  But beauty is skin-deep, I say!) 
Anyway, I am now gainfully employed as Story's front house greeter, replacing Tina (see below).  It's a supplement to Social Security.  You'll see the hominid version of me next time you visit Wal Mart.  
I love my job, which entails sleeping where people want to walk, forcing them to step around me.  I get many friendly scratches that way, and an occasional hand-out.  My favorite sleeping spot is right at the front door to the restaurant.  That's where people are most likely to bring me a scallop.  A lot of the guests attempt to discourage me from sleeping in the middle of the road in front of the Inn.   I assure them, chill out.  The cars always swerve for me!       
Some of the ladies think I'm just a dirty old man, and want to look up their dresses.  But I assure you, I'm all over that stuff.  Years ago, my human caretaker made sure that my distinguished mix of bloodlines would end with me. And human females were never interesting to me  in the first place.
Though my energy level is not what it used to be, I sometimes execute my job with real enthusiasm!  I have been known to follow guests back to their cars, or rooms.  I fear no human, because they have always been nice to me.  I really want to do a good job, too,because I don't want to go back to the joint."       

We did tempt Clyde up to our room with some of our left overs after an amazing dinner!  He enjoyed the food, but did not accept the invite to come in and have a slumber party with Tootsie Roll and Lucille...
We were all very sad:(

By the way, our room was great: (http://www.storyinn.com/accommodations) We stayed in the Garrison Cabin Gun Flint room.  Tootsie and Lucille enjoyed lounging in the air conditioned luxury!

Another great dog-friendly place we plan to visit again!

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