National Lampug's Little Indiana Vacation

Tootsie Roll did not make it to Walley World, but she and Lucille the Yellow Lab did Wander Indiana....Poland and Story to be exact, and they had a good ole' time!  

Me, no I'm not tired...throw that ball again!

Lucille, come back....please......

Dang I am cute!

You lookin' for the ball?  Here it is!

Wasatch Lake in Poland, IN is a wonderful dog-friendly get-a-way that we just love...  And as you can see by the pics it is great swimming for the dogs!  Tootsie wore her Hawaiian Outward Hound life jacket and swam like crazy!  Toss the ball to Lucille and Tootsie swims after her, the twitching pug tail is the best!  And a great feature of the Outward Hound life jacket is the chin rest!  It keeps the pugs face up and out of the water!  It's a tough life, isn't it?!  

I just luv PUGcation! I'll tell you all about Story tomorrow!

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