A Weekend with Tootsie Roll!

Tootsie Roll's first weekend of summer break!  Are you curious what she was up to?  We thought so!  It was a busy one!  Saturday was Pug MeetUp and Tootsie hung out with her pug buddies Roxi and Manny...and got lots of treats from their hum"man"!

Manny and Roxi at Pug MeetUp!

Just one more...they are sooo good!

Sunday was Lucille the Yellow Lab' 4th Birthday!  We of course had lunch at the Pawn Shop!  The dogs even got a hamburger with a candle on the top...didn't last long...of course!  

And what about the kitties?  Well, it was a nice weekend so the humans and dogs were outside a lot!  Pawncha and Monkey Kitties did a lot of well...wishful watching! 

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