Traditions VS. Routines

No matter which, as long as the pets are with their humans they are happy to participate....as long as that tradition or routine is good for the pet!  

Pawncha and Monkey kitties listen for the door on the buffet to open and they come running for "Temptation" treats...chicken flavor, of course!  

The humans tend to have wine in the evening with dinner.  When Monkey Kitty hears the foil cutter in action she springs into action and takes the foil disc as her prized possession!!  I can't wait until the next time we move the couch to clean under it...there will probably be little people constructing a city made out of wine foil discs!

Pawncha Kitty still likes to suckle so as soon as the fluffy comforter is clean and back on the bed she is going to town...kneading and suckling to her heart's content!

Lucille, well she is lucky enough to get to go to work with her human most days and either ride around with him in his truck to appointments or sit under his desk while he works on proposals!  

Tootsie Roll...well, she loves it when I say, "Let's Go, Go!"  She runs to the back landing and paws at the wall for her leash cause she knows it's time to go for a car ride!  Tootsie Roll has quite the set up...It is a plush dog seat fastened to the folded down part of the back of the Jeep and she sits nice and high so she can see out the windows even if her head is resting on the top of the doggie car seat!  

Okay, so if there is an after-life, I want to be a cat or dog in this household...how 'bout you?!

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