The Right Tool for the Job Continued...

Tutankhamun vs. TootsUncommon...so will a replica of the King's Tomb do?  Not sure...for the past three years one has been in progress and the tourism in the Valley of the Kings is like King Tut...dead!           http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-27201300

Hence the Right Tool for the Job....Will a replica of the tomb work, or will tourists only come to see the real thing?

When the replica opens, visitors will be able to see it and the original for awhile....Will that be good enough?  Not sure, Tootsie Roll and I think they should put a new spin on it...Something like...Enjoy amazing artistry and technology at its finest while saving and preserving the ancient antiquities...Let us know what you think and tomorrow Tootsie Roll will share with you just the right "outfit" to wear on your upcoming visit to Egypt!

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