Tootsie Roll is trending as she has been working on a new template to the pug blog!  We hope you like it!  We have also been looking at the difference between a copyright and a patent.  Basically, a copyright deals with protecting artistic/creative things; while a patent protects technological/physical things. So, why have we been researching this difference...well, we got word that a look-a-like of one of our TootsUncommon products was spotted elsewhere, under a different name and logo.  Well, it turns out that this company name is copyrighted/protected...rather than the actual product, which is good cause we were thinking...hmm...them's fightin' words...but come to find out the other company started this particular line in 2010...okay, let's dispense with the details at this point...suffice it to say that a copyright or patent cost big bucks...neither of which most of us have right now.  We will be happy with the way things are and assume all others concerned will feel the same.  if the pug's happy, I'm happy!
If the pug's happy, we are all happy!

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