Tootsie's Top Ten

Why Pugs DON'T play BASKETBALL....

#8.  Pugs are covered in soft, cuddly fur so it's a no go for tattoos!  

Chris Walker

Disgrace: The UConn Huskies had an 11 percent graduation rate for the men's basketball team -- far below the national average of 74 percent

Couldn't find any tats on the badgers...maybe it's the fur!

This is the best Tootsie Roll can do for a Tattoo!!  Not a bad message!  

So, what's up with all those Pug wrinkles?
Pug legend has it that the ancient Chinese were always looking into wrinkles, canine or otherwise, for patterns that resembled Chinese characters. The most revered wrinkle patterns where the three that formed the Chinese word for "Prince." Look at your Pug's forehead and you can probably figure out the rest. If three wrinkles were good, more were even better. So, the Chinese bred the dog to produce wrinkles ...  http://pugspot.com/articles/history-of-the-pug

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