The right tool for the job!

No matter what the job, the right tool makes it a breeze!  So, Tootsie Roll and the crew live in an 800 square foot house with four furry animals and two fairly furry humans and those 800 square feet fill up with fur & hair daily...which means the hu"mom" sweeps/vacuums on a daily basis!  Oh yeah, and the Dyson is my animal/vacuum of choice!  Well my DC 400 is doing a fine job, perfect for the tight corners in our small space, but my DC 35 Slim is causing me some problemas!  Why Mr. Mini...why?  fyi...I call my Dyson Slim Mr. Mini....I use you ( to get under furniture and small underneath spaces), not abuse you everyday...why can't you treat me right?  Well, Tootsie Roll and I have been researching solutions... We found someone who is having our same problem and we double tried his solution with zero satisfaction!  Looks like we will be calling 1-800-Dyson tomorrow!  Wish us luck!!  And please send us recs if you have them!!

maybe I will ask for the animal replacement when I call Dyson

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