Easter Reflections!

Blue sunny skies and warm temperatures filled our Easter Sunday!  It was beautiful!  Our annual Easter "Begg" Hunt went as usual...it took me longer to fill the eggs with treats than it took Tootsie Roll and Lucille to find the eggs and to eat the treats inside of them...but it was still too much fun watching them...and watching the hu"man" hide the treats while the girls begged at the back door!  On our walk that day we ran into some friends! It just so happened that Tootsie Roll was wearing a Firecracker and Tootsie's beagle buddy now has a red Firecracker on her mind...to match her red collar and leash... of course!  As you would have guessed, most dogs in this hood are color coordinated!  Anyway, enjoy our Easter Begg Hunt pics and check back in tomorrow for some trending news stories a la TootsUncommon!

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