Handle:  FabFashionista

Tag Line:  I'm too sexy for my hat, but you can buy me another one anyway!

Personal Essay:  On a layover between Milan and Paris I sip on a cosmo in the private lounge.  As the flight attendants pass by they chit chat about my "haute" fashion!  I pretend not to notice.  The capitan walks in to update our departure time and I catch his eye as I take the last drink of my cosmopolitan.  As he approaches me he says, "I will bring you another so you can tell me all about the outfit you will wear when I take you out for a night on the town in Paris!"  Oh...if you must!  

...that Tootsie Roll is one cultured pug now isn't she?!  And of course, she prefers matchdog.com over www.catmestry....Hmm...so will Lucille or Monkey grace the Pug Blog pages tomorrow?  Oh, and yes!  If you have a wealthy pug who might match Tootsie's style....please send him her way!  

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