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Handle:  LooseWheel

Tag Line:  Breaker 1-9, I'm always lookin' for a good time!

Personal Essay:  Dear Diary,  how does that saying about blondes go?  Blondes are funny?  Um...Blondes are easy to make fun of?  No...Blondes just wanna have fun?  Dang it!  Oh yeah, it's blondes have more fun, duh!  Jeeze, I know I had plans for tonight, but I can't remember where they said we were meeting; plus I can't find my phone to call somebody and ask.  I guess I could watch some TV tonight, but that darn remote is so complicated.  Listening to music would help pass the time, right?  Well, one day the radio just turned on and it's been playing this beeping song ever since...who knew a song could last so long!  You know, I heard about these people with OCD, I think it stands for obssesing compulsively disease.  Not sure if it is contagious but if I could find a friend with it, that just might help me have more fun?  Oh, OCD buddy, where out thou?!  Sighhhhhhh!

Well, we are pretty sure we saved the best one for last!  Have a good laugh, and then enjoy the warm intro. to spring weekend!  Peace out Pug Blog Lovers!!

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