The Fruits of our labor!

Tootsie Roll and I love to blog, it is our creative outlet...and we look at the stats page and that makes us feel pretty good...we look at our followers and wonder how we can get more...but yesterday we got some exciting news!  Lots of people I work with know about Tootsie Roll - she is famous in certain circles!  Well, I was at a school event last night and a fellow Tootsie Roll fan and teacher runs up to me and says, "You will never believe who I saw in this Buzz Feed quiz I was taking on which Willy Wonka character I would be...Tootsie Roll!"  "What, you mean my Tootsie Roll! You have got to share the link with me!"  Well, the principal made us all move to our seats so he could start the program and our conversation got cut short!  Dang!  Well, as soon as I got home I did a search and ...L I BE!  There was Hip "PUG" Chic, Tootsie Roll!  OMG!  So, I now have more questions than answers...Just what connection does picking your "spirit pug" have with determining which Willy Wonka character one might be?  Where does Buzz Feed get their images!  How many people do the Buzz Feed quizzes...Okay, I guess we have some Pug Blog material for the upcoming days!  OH, an of course, here is the link:


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