Spring Fever!

Yes, we all have it!  But, Mother Nature has her own time table and as much as we keep wishing the spring weather on; it will get here when she is good and ready!  To keep us in good spirits while we await those first nice days of spring TootsUncommon will bring you Spring Mating Fever this week.  Tootsie Roll, Lucille, Pawncha and Monkey are each preparing their online mating/dating profiles for your Pug Blog enjoyment!  We of course did our research and found out the following:



Top Four Ideas to Consider!
It was Tootsie's idea to put the summary on our blackboard wall!!  

"Spring Fever? Animals Get It, Too

The season's warmer temperatures and longer days are nice for humans, but for wildlife, they are absolutely essential"...read more at:

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