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Handle:  TimidMe

Tag Line:  Silence and modesty at the right place and time are golden.

Personal Essay:  After a quiet Saturday morning of watching the birdies from my office perch I run an errand to the local pet supplies shop to peruse the selection of Temptations.  Because I never choose the same flavor, the guy at the checkout is always intrigued...my tail gets all bushy as I pay and rush out the door.  Once back home, I enjoy a handfull of Temptations and cozy back in for a cat nap filled with dreams of my many romantic dates with the checkout guy.  And as I yawn, cat stretch and twirl back into a cozy position in my kitty curler I swear I can hear wedding bell in the distance...purrrr......

p.s. Pawncha used the "fly on the wall" technique from one of our links yesterday to write her personal essay....pretty catchy, no?!  Well, if any of our Pug Bloggers have the right CatMan for her please send us some pics!!!

Not sure who will post their bio tomorrow, but it is sure to add some Spring in your step!!

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