It's Catmestry.com in the JUNGLE!

Handle:  MonkeyLove

Tag Line:  Domestic Bengal Cat....A true contradiction in terms.

Personal Essay:  MonkeyLove: "The sooner I get this gear packed up, the sooner I get back to the lab to analyse my data." Dr. BreedLove: "Excuse me, do you happen to have an extra slide?" MonkeyLove: "Dr. BreedLove?!  Why of course!  Um, let me fumble through my gear and find one for you!" Dr. BreedLove: "Why thank you...well, how rude of me, I don't even know your name.  And you are?" MonkeyLove: "Oh, Dr. BreedLove it is my pleasure to meet you.  I'm MonkeyLove."  Dr. BreedLove: "Well, MonkeyLove, what have you been been up to today?"  MonkeyLove:  "Well, um...yes, gathering some samples of the Great Apes of the Congo and observing their behaviors in this strange weather we have been having." Dr. BreedLove:  "Do you mind if I take a look at your notes?" MonkeyLove: "Um, why of course, please, help yourself." 
Dr. BreedLove:  "Interesting...fascinating....I did not observe that today, I'll be darned!  Ms. MonkeyLove, it is Ms. I presume...Well, Ms. MonkeyLove, would you consider joining me on an upcoming trek to the Costa Rican Cloud Forest?"  MonkeyLove:  "MEEOOWW!"

Okay, so who has the hook up for our smarty pants Monkey(Love)?  I mean really, she is such a contradiction in terms!  I guess that leaves Lucille the Lab for tomorrow...and by the way, she is a blonde;)

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