TootsUncommon Loves...

...Kingsbury Elementary School in La Porte, IN and Kingsbury Elementary School loves The Talk Dirty To Me Towel from TootsUncommon!  

Tootsie Roll gives a big Pooches Gracias to the faculty and staff of Kingsbury for their support! 

 An employee of Kingbury is also a seamstress for TootsUncommon and after recently supplementing the stock of Talk Dirty To Me Towels, took some to school and they sold like only a quality product from TootsUncommon can...Creating a Cuter Continent One Canine at a Time!

 Kingsbury Elementary is an A school whose motto is, "Learn today to excel tomorrow".  Kingsbury Elementary has approx. 400 students and 50 faculty and staff and is lead by Principal Tara Wiltfong!

Kingsbury Elementary School

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