Time Passages

Tootsie Roll the Pug, Lucille the Yellow Lab, Pawncha & Monkey Kitties and the hu"MAN" have been enjoying some pack time at home while the hu"MAN" recovered from foot surgery; that home pack time is just about to come to an end for the hu"MAN" and I have been wondering how the animals will respond to the change in hu"MAN" contact time; and time is the factor here.  Well, did you know that humans understand time in two very important ways.  One, we are able to remember a sequence of past events; and two, we are able to anticipate future needs and/or events.  Humans are "time travelers" while cats, dogs, etc... "live in the moment".  Hmm...I know I wish I were better at living in the moment.  I wonder if Tootsie Roll wishes she could think about that morsel of food she let go under the fridge or ponder on the bowl of food that I will prepare for her tomorrow morning?  Not!!  Lucky her!  You might be wondering how it is our pets know when we will be home, or when it's time to go on a walk, etc...Well, they rely on their "internal clocks" so to say...in other words, they respond to some kind of biological state at the same time each day to given stimulus.  

"So when our cat appears on the dot for dinner, or is in the window watching our car pull up, or is hunched over our face when the alarm goes off; it’s not their Mickey Mouse wristwatch. They are adding up all kinds of cues we don’t notice; because we do have clocks and watches.   Cats have guesses and clues and cues. But it works for them."  Read more on how cats tell time at:  
OMG!  You will love this...check out what happens when cats and dogs pass time partyin'!  Which for now I will image to be how Tootsie, Lucille, Pawncha and Monkey will pass time when the hu"MAN" is back to his workin' routine!  

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