Nature's Moments

Walks with Tootsie Roll and Lucille are so important for me and for them.  We both get some exercise and quiet time together.  They get to smell and socialize a bit, and I get to observe nature and just be.  On our Sunday walk on the Monon Trail I saw two hawks.  We see them often on our walks, but I have never seen them like this.  I spied the first one and watched it until it flew away.  I followed where it landed and me and the girls headed that way.  To our surprise there were two hawks right there in the evergreen trees by the trail.  I stood and watched and listened for several minutes.  When I continued on my way, neither hawk had flown away.  As we continued on our walk I used the quiet time to compose a poem in my head to help me remember this moment in nature....enjoy!

Two hawks today
Talons of prey
Nest in sight,
One calls for flight.
Two hawks today
Talons of Prey
Passers-by do not take note...
and I wonder why?
Two hawks today
Talons of prey
I guess I too...
will continue on my way.

BY:  T. Roll

Here is a YouTube of the cry/scream a hawks makes:

No camera on this walk...but here are some Google images that somewhat capture our moment in nature:

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