I'm Walkin'

...outside of the box!  A good dog owner knows the importance of the right walking attitude.  "Your attitude and posture have a big impact on the type of walk you will have. If you are frustrated from your dog's leash pulling, or in a hurry for him to complete his business, this will have a negative impact. Keep a calm and relaxed attitude and your dog will do the same. Use a relaxed voice, loosen your grip on the leash, and keep your posture confident with your hips and head facing forward."

Other aspects that create good walks for dog and human relate to the following:

   -knowing the purpose of the walk
   -staying in control
   -keeping it safe
   -being prepared

read more at: http://dogs.answers.com/activities/dog-walking-tips-make-your-walk-worthwhile

I am going to work on my calm attitude and confident posture today by walking outside of the box.  For the first time in my life I am going to audition for a play.  My monologue is ready; and as it will be a play performed in Spanish, my interactive piece to demonstrate my ability to speak Spanish is also ready to go....Will I get a role in Bless Me, Ultima?  It does not really matter!  I know it will make me a calmer, more confident individual...and therefore a better companion for my dogs on our daily walks!!  

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