House of Cats...

...Season II Premier,  Monkey's Closing Scene

"Plastic Bag, did you think I had forgotten you?  Perhaps you hoped I had.  Don't waste a breath mourning your assumed purpose.  Every kitten grows up to be a cat.  We seem so harmless at first...small, quiet, attacking little catnip mice.  But once our claws get sharp enough they shred everything in sight!  For those of you climbing to the top of the toy chain there can be no mercy.  There is but one rule...hunt or be hunted."  


Tootsie Roll and I have been enjoying, "House of Cards".  We are not real political people, but this is just good drama.  We particularly like the way the new V.P. F.U. talks to the camera/audience so we thought we would let Monkey the Cat have a staring role in season II of House of Cat!  Enjoy!  

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