The State of Small Business...

...according to the 2014 State of the Union Address.  Well resources say that President Obama mentioned small business three times in his State of the Union Address last night.

"President Obama mentioned small business three times in his State of the Union Address last night, touting his administration’s record of promoting small business lending and calling for better tools to help business owners sell in foreign markets. He also sent a shout out to John Soranno, a Minneapolis pizzeria owner who recently gave employees a raise to $10 an hour. To judge by the response of small business advocacy groups, that wasn't enough."


The President also presented his "Wish List", one of those wishes including...

"Minimum wage: In addition to his plan to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers, Mr. Obama wants to see a higher minimum wage for all Americans. He’ll kick off his post-State of the Union travel with a trip to a Costco in Lanham, Md., Wednesday to talk about the issue.  In his speech, he praised companies like the wholesaler for embracing higher wages as a way to increase productivity and reduce turnover.  “This will help families.  It will give businesses customers with more money to spend.  It does not involve any new bureaucratic program,” he said. Unfortunately, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, believes it’s bad policy that will hurt the people Mr. Obama is trying to help."

And two other wishes...

  • Manufacturing: Mr. Obama has pledged to expand a network of hubs for high-tech manufacturing, but said he could create more – and therefore spur more job growth – if Congress backed the program.
  • Trade: The president is seeking what is known as, “trade promotion authority,” which would allow him to get a faster, up-or-down vote to finalize trade deals being negotiated in Europe and Asia.              

  • Tootsie Roll and I are not going to get too political on you....but it would seem like some of his wishes should give some food for thought to the small business owner.  Keep in mind, TootsUncommon LLC is currently not a money maker for us...We invest more than we bring in, but the experience so far is amazing.  If this were my "living" well....Tootsie Roll would be doing without treats, and food, and a roof over our heads, and....well, you get the point!  

  • Anyway, thought we would give a little info. on the yesterday's event!  Take it for what it is worth!                

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