The $56 Billion Dollar Question!

Why do we love our pets so much?  For me, it's simple!  They inspire me to keep active with their desires to go out into the world and explore and they inspire me to just be by sitting back and observing their amazing antics!  Isn't life beautiful?!  

In yesterday's snowfall Tootsie Roll, Lucille, and I ventured out to the park and blazed many trails as all of them were covered with the freshly fallen snow.  Lucille kept digging up sticks for me to throw and Tootsie Roll would rub her sweet pug face in the white stuff and then run like crazy with excitement!

Later in the afternoon the two kitties - Pawncha and Monkey sat side-by-side in their window seat and watched the birds feed and the snow fall!  I watched the kitties and giggled at their chatter to the birds!

On any given afternoon, Tootsie Roll will sit at the basement steps and inch her way as close to the hanging dog leash as she can get, scratching at the wall to get my attention and remind me that it is time to take a walk!

Lucille's bed sits in front of the TV at night so she can hang with us and I often find myself watching her lay belly up with paws in the air instead of what is on the TV!

Watching Monkey Kitty attack Tootsie Roll's toys is too much fun!  They are sometimes bigger than she is, but she manages to drag them around the house and up onto her favorite chair to attack some more!

Pawncha's tabby design glows under the "warming lamp" in our office; I especially love to watch it shimmer while I am blogging!

Trust me, I could go on!  But, is it any wonder why we love our pets so much!  Let's hope that 2014 allows TootsUncommon LLC to make a contribution to the $56 Billion Dollar Question!  

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