Out With The Old...

And in with the deer antlers and bull horns!  When I would give Tootsie Roll or Lucille a rawhide bone to chew on...way too many gross things would happen...Rawhide gunk all over the carpet, dogs beds, furniture, etc...and upset bellies!  Now Tootsie Roll and Lucille will still get a classic "Milk Bone" type treat quite often; but when we want to give them something really good we go wild - as in deer antlers and bull horns!  Deer antlers are naturally shed for "resale" as dog chews and offer a more interesting, better for them chew option!  Here is some more good stuff on the deer antlers:  http://www.petexpertise.com/antler-chew.html

Yesterday Tootsie Roll and Lucille were out shopping and picked up some bull horns...research says they are for dogs who are more aggressive chewers...but as witnessed by these videos and pictures...pugs and labs alike enjoy the bull horn!  We would recommend the bull horns that are not hollow inside for maximum chewing enjoyment!  

Here is a link to a nice chart on dog chew options and how they compare:

And to give all sides of the issue a link that discusses the harmful side of animal sourced dog chews:

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