Ouch! That Smart(s)!

 The hu"man" of the house had foot surgery the other day which lead me and Tootsie Roll to consider how different beings handle pain!  

Instinct tells a kitty cat not to show pain or they will lose power and status with their pack.  Also cats need to hunt/eat everyday....so no matter how sick or injured a kitty is instincts tell her not to feel it so that she can hunt!  Pretty interesting stuff!  Read more at: 

In the wild, an animal that is sick or wounded is vulnerable...so a dog's instinct not to show pain also exists...but not to the extent of a cat's...maybe because of the cat's need to eat everyday...Although Tootsie Roll and Lucille think they need to be eating 24/7!

Instincts or not, if your cat or dog is sick or wounded, it will change her behavior and we as the humans need to watch for these signs and take the charge of caring for our animals very seriously!

Are Tootsie Roll and Lucille sensing that the hu"man" is in pain?  Yes and no....  They receive the "energy" of our emotions.  Positive emotions are received as a sign of "power", giving the human the leader of the pack role; while negative emotions are received as signs of "weakness"...this is not to say that the dog is immediately going to take over as leader of the pack.  If the pack is established and the human is in pain or sick the dog will be loyal and let the human heal.  If the negative energy from a human is received by a dog over an extended period of time the dog will respond with growling, biting, etc...their natural defenses.  

Dogs and cats alike are pack animals and have made themselves a part of many human packs by also learning how to read our body language....I am pretty sure we humans are aware of our pets' body language and what it is communicating to us.  I would like to think that if the pack is strong enough, we humans are also receiving that amazing emotional energy from our pets! 

Yeah, the doctor says this hu"man's" foot will take sometime to heal; and along with his careful attention to the doctor's orders, the positive energy from Tootsie Roll, Lucille, Pawncha, and Monkey Kitty will also help him along! 

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