Frosty Paws!


"It's cold outside today...but those frozen treats still look pretty tasty," says Tootsie Roll!  

I always look forward to getting home from work and taking a walk with the dogs.  I suited up when I got home, wanting to get out while it was still sunny and there was daylight.  Tootsie Roll put on a warm Little Pug Playin' hood and Lucille...well, she put on her TootsUncommon Collar y Leash! 

 We got to the back gate, up to the trail, and Tootsie Roll put on the brakes  while shaking and shivering!  

I tried to be persistent and carried her down to the park hoping she would run a bit and forget about being cold so we could continue our walk!  Lucille picked up a big stick for me to throw and Tootsie Roll picked up her front paw and continued to shake and shiver!  

After warming up her paws, I put Tootsie Roll on a picnic table and threw the stick to Lucille until she was panting and laying in the snow to cool down!  Geeze, Lucille!

I put Tootsie Roll back down on the snow and tried to get her to play.  She thought it meant we were headed for home and she ran a bit and then stopped and started hobbling around with one back foot in the air!   

So much for a walk today!  But what about tomorrow?  I love our walks!  Boots?  I know Tootsie Roll would get used to them and maybe that is something TootsUncommon needs to make some fashionable prototypes of??!!   But... we currently don't own any dog boots...believe it or not! 

Hoping to combat Tootsie Roll's dislike of the winter cold concrete and ice melt, I did a little research on why dogs' paws get cold and found some good stuff from Cesar! I think Cesar needs a Talk Dirty to me Towel from TootsUncommon to go along with his great advice!  I am going to try some of Mary Kay's "Pink Stuff" on Tootsie Roll's paws tomorrow...We will keep you posted!   Here are Cesar's recommendations:

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