No, TootsUncommon is not going to start making Chameleon clothes!  But, we are working on a new product!  And YES!  It is called The Chameleon!

Collar, Collar, Collar, Collar, Collar Chameleon!
You come and go, you come and go!
Walking is so easy when TootsUncommon is by your side.
Pink, red, and blue.
Orange, yellow, and green!

The idea is to change the color or appearance of your dog's current collar with a version of our Woofler!  Why?  To match an outfit, season, holiday; or maybe the old collar still latches and serves its purpose, but does not look so great!  Or maybe just because you and your pup are major fashionistas! 

 This is just our prototype and it needs to be about two inches longer than the collar itself so that it wraps all the way around.  But, it is a great start for a fun, new product from TootsUncommon to you!  Creating a cuter continent one canine at a time!  

Oh yeah, the product description follows our operating principle of working smarter, not harder.  Can you guess where we got the idea?  Yep, Boy George!  Here is a link to the ever-popular song/video!

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