Which came first....

...the purebred or the hybrid?  I ask this question because I took our new kitty - Monkey - to the vet for her first check up the other day and our amazing vet - Dr. Arnold - mentioned that Monkey probably has some Bengal cat in her.  I asked him to explain and he did, he is really good at that; but I had to come home and investigate.  Boy, did I find some interesting things.  Here is a YouTube link titled,"7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Bengal Cat":

Now, Monkey is not full Bengal, so we are somewhat out of the clear ;)  But after reading all this stuff about Bengal cats, I really got to thinking about just which came first...the purebred or the hybrid??
Tut The Turtle
Tootsie Roll is also curious??  The infamous Pug Head Tilt!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uuqXXT7VYo

So, this week the Pug Blog will venture to answer several questions...mainly for our own selfish reasons...but we do hope to educate our Pug Blog Fans along the way!....

-Which came first, the purebred or the hybrid?
-What is the difference between purebred and pedigree?
-Mutt dog...but how about mutt cat?
-Just what are some of the pure and hybrid mixes of dogs and cats out there?
-Designer dogs and cats...what's up with that?
-And whatever else comes up along the way!

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