Thanks, Cooper!!

Cooper in the Hoodie!

And here is what Cooper's Hu"mom" has to say about the Little Pug Playin' Hood:

"We received the hoodie today. Such great quality. I am very pleased. The packaging was adorable, too! Thank You & Merry Christmas!"

TootsUncommon obviously believes that dogs and clothes go hand-in-hand, but what does the "handy" internet have to say??

Some dogs are lucky enough to be valued as a true member of the family. Some are even regarded and treated as children. They sleep upon fancy beds which are inscribed with their names, they have a toy box overflowing with expensive toys, their professionally shot photos decorate the walls of their home, and... they're wearing clothes?? Should there be a limit to this personification? Is dog nudity still appropriate for these cherished canine children?  Read more at: http://www.petplace.com/dogs/should-dogs-wear-clothes/page1.aspx

putting clothes on your dog can also be functional. If you have an older dog with circulatory problems or a dog with a thin or short coat, a doggie sweater can help keep them warm. A doggie raincoat can reduce the time you spend cleaning and drying your pet companion after being out in rainy weather. Dog clothes can also protect light-colored dogs from getting sunburned and they can make your dog seem more approachable, which can improve his social skills. Regardless what fashion statement you're trying to make, ensuring that your dog is comfortable wearing clothes should be your first priority.  Get the full scoop at:

And for a not-so-TootsUncommon-friendly opinion visit:

Tootsie Roll and I will be back next week to continue to explore and answer the question, Which came first the purebred or the hybrid and other fun stuff related to the furry creatures we love, whether we clothe them or not!

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