Mutt Dog...But How About Mutt Cat??

I am Monkey, hear me ROAR!

Well, if you live in California and you want to make your mutt a star here is what you do:  http://www.petfoodexpress.com/my-mutt/make-your-pet-a-star/

Female Feline and Male Mutt trends in cartoons, card games, etc....

Okay, now we are getting somewhere:

DSH - domestic short hair
DMH - domestic medium hair
DLG - domestic long hair

   all terms for "mixed-breed" cats.

Moggie is a supposed British term for "mutt" cats

How about tabby as a name for a "mixed-breed", mutt cat...well a moggie could be a tabby; but tabby is not about breed, it's about the pattern of the cat's coat!  I did not know that!  http://www.catster.com/cats-101/tabby-cat

Now, we won't go as far as to call a mutt cat an alley cat....but the stray cat does have a lot of imagery that goes with it!  http://www.alleycat.org/

Located just blocks from Tootsie Roll's Hood

Another Classic Alley Cat

And of course...

Well, Tootsie Roll and I figure here is what it comes down to...it's the persona that a dog has vs. a cat that allows us to call a dog who is a mixed breed a "mutt" and a cat who is a mixed breed a "domestic short hair"...we can live with that!

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