Hybrids for $500, Alex!

Cat Hybrids that is....but first let's refresh our memories on "Natural" cat breeds:  

Natural cat breeds are distinguished beauties that evolved unfettered by human intervention!

Many of these domestic cats are steeped in romantic tradition and were often highly esteemed throughout history. Some sport beautiful thick coats, others have sleek elegant forms, and each has its unique cat behaviors. Though each natural cat breed has its unique characteristics, they are still favorites today.
The natural breed cats have been popular throughout the ages. These are distinctive breeds that have naturally evolved over generations of inbreeding. They have had little to no assistance from humans and they are most often associated with specific geographical locations.
Maine Coon Cat, American Forest Cat, American Longhair
Maine Coon
Persian Cat - Golden, Persian Longhair, Longhair Cat
Persian...Tootsie Roll's fav. due to the smooched in face!

Russian Blue Cat, Archangel Cat, Foreign Blue Cat
Russian Blue

Okay, so what about the Hybrids?!  

Hybrid breed cats are developed by crossing two different breeds or species of cat. They can be a cross between two breeds of domestic cat, or a cross between a domestic cat and a wild cat. Hybrids are unique in appearance, very inquisitive, and have high energy. They can have intriguing colors and patterning to their coats. They can be small, or they can be some of the largest domestic cat breeds. Hybrids are relatively recent, especially when compared to the domestic natural cat breeds that have developed over many years. Some cat hybrids are recognized by cat registries, yet a number of the more recently developed breeds are not.

Munchkin designer cat

Hmmm...so what brought this topic to the Pug Blog??  Oh yeah!  It was our Monkey Kitty that the vet identified as part Bengal Kitty!  And what is she doing right now?  Sleeping' comfy on the top of a puffy chair...Gotta love it!  Let Sleepin Cats....until tomorrow!!

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