From Coast to Coat...

...TootsUncommon is the MOST!!

It has been a great year for TootsUncommon!  Believe it or not, you can find a dog wearing TootsUncommon from Coast to Coast!  The map indicates just what states, but what about cities?  Glad you asked!  Of course we have that information!

Dogs in Blaine, MN and Great Falls, VA are wearing Tut the Turtles!

The Wrapamacallit is all the rave in Manassas, VA!

El Chaleco in fashionable in San Rafael, CA and Storm Lake, IA!

Durham, NC, Jackson, KY, and Irvington, AL love the Little Pug Walkin' Hood!  

Hmmm...Which state next?  Tootsie Roll is thinking Oregon....Portland to be exact!  Or maybe Texas...Austin might be nice!  New York, New York, yep!

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