I Got Cat Eyes & Webbed Feet...

...Swimming everywhere and lookin' wild!  So, we have seen some symmetrical walkin' feet and watchin' eyes...so what about them?  

Well, according to the woman in this YouTube video giving her eyes the feline cat look has changed her life and it is a look that works for any eye/face shape!  

We aren't sure about humans pulling off the true beauty one sees in the eyes of a cat...they are some amazing eyes!  

And what about the rumored webbed feet that make some dogs good swimmers??  Well, our research brought about a variety of results, but we found this one most interesting:

"So do Labs really have webbed feet or is this just another one of those doggy urban myth things? The answer is well yeah, Labs kind of have webbed feet, not exactly like a ducks webbed foot, but webbed nevertheless. But here’s the thing, All Dogs have webbed feet, not just Labs. For some unknown reason many, many years ago in an age before time, somebody said “Labs are good in water because they have webbed feet.” And to this day, many of us still subscribe to this notion. Fortunately this is one of those myths that you yourself can easily disprove right in the comfort of your own home, by simply just looking at your dogs feet..."

What really makes Lucille the Yellow Lab a good swimmer is her rudder tail and her "waterproof" coat!  Well, that's what Tootsie Roll thinks...And what makes Tootsie a good swimmer?  Her life jacket!!

Webbed or not...a dog foot is much cuter than a human foot!

We will have one more symmetrical look tomorrow...what might it be?  Hmm...

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