Hold the ribbons, hold the ruffles....

...at TootsUncommon special orders don't upset us!  A couple of weeks ago we got an order for the "Little Pug Walkin' Hood" for a big dog named Sukha!  Well, we didn't have a big enough hoodie in stock.  No worries!  I quick trip to the vintage clothing shop and a seamtress who is johnny on the spot and we had an extra large repurposed Little Pug Walkin' Hood out the door and on it's way to Sukha in just a few days!  Here is what Sukha's mom has to say about the hoodie:

"So cute but not cutesy!  Sukha looks the way I like to feel in a big grey sweatshirt.  Thanks so much!  All best, Della (and a very snugly warm Sukha)!"

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