Fashion Show Change of Plans...

Okay, upon further thought Tootsie Roll and I are rethinking our idea on dog themed music.  You see, if you look at a lot of our products many of them already have the perfect song to go with them...

-Of course, The Talk Dirty To Me Towel and Poison...

-The MAC Raincoat and Singing in the Rain, 

-Tut the Tank and Turtle obviously go with the infamous King Tut song

-The Woofler is a perfect match for Who Let the Dogs Out...right?! 

-F. Zappa will have to accompany L. Pawncho Camarillo;

- Little Pug Playin' Hood screams for a modern version of Little Red Riding    Hood.  

-Collares y Leashes...duh...Volare! 

-The Firecracker Loves Madonna.  

-Wrap It Up, I'll Take it and the Wrapamacallit!  

-Chiapanecas for El Chaleco.  

-And Tootsie Roll wins with How Much Is That Doggie in the Window for The Little Black Puplum Dress!!

Okay, now I need to learn how to make a mix of these songs...Looks like we have our work cut out for us.  Later!!

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