2, break, noun

: a crack, hole, etc., that is caused by damage, injury, or pressure...no, not the definition we are looking for...
: an opening or space in something : an opening that makes it possible for someone or something to enter or pass through something...not this one either!
: something that causes a change or interruption...YES!  As in Fall Break!

Last week was Fall Break for TootsUncommon and boy did we have some changes and/or interruptions in our normal routine.  Take for example the fact that Tootsie Roll met up with a Pig...Yes, when Pig met Pug!  It was GLORIOUS!  The pig's name is Humphrey and he is a miniature potty belly pig...Check them out!!

Too Shy! Shy!

Humphrey the Petite Pot Belly Pig

Meets Tootsie the Petite Pug

No worries, Tootsie!  Humphrey only has eyes for you!

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