Yellow Frankenlab

Oh Yes!  We took some time to view this comedy classic as well...Yellow Frankenlab, I presume?

From a distance....hiss, hiss, growl, growl!

Troll:  What is this?

Yellow Frankenlab:  Kitty Pooh Sprinkle Tart

From a distance...hiss, growl!

Yellow Frankenlab:  Why, do you like it!  I'm not partial to Fresh Step myself, but this is excellent!

Troll:  Who you talkin' to?

Yellow Frankenlab:  To you!  You've got litter lips so I thought you liked the Pooh Tart!

Troll:  I do not have litter lips...I was just about to try the Kitty Pooh Sprinkle Tart!

Yellow Frankenlab:  But you did, I can see the litter on your lips!  

Troll:  Not me!

Hu"Mom":  Don't look at me!

Yellow Frankenlab:  Now look at my lips...do you see any litter!  If it wasn't you and it wasn't me??

A flurry of fur and in the distance...hiss, hiss, growl, growl!

Yellow Frankenlab:  It's a turd!  It's a turd!  It's a cat turd!  

Yellow Frankenlab!

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